He was born in Crete in 1956.  He studied painting in Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence.


Individual exhibitions:

1981 Dada Art Gallery, Athens

1983 Dada Art Gallery, Athens  

1985 Dada Art Gallery, Athens   

1989 Medousa Art Gallery, Athens  

1990 Stavrakakis Gallery, Heraklion

1991 Epikentro Gallery, Patra

1993 Medousa Art Gallery, Athens 

1996 Medousa Art Gallery- Medousa +1, 

Athens | Tzamia Cristalla  Gallery, Chania

1997 Art Forum Gallery, Thessaloniki 

1998 Medousa Art Gallery, Athens 

Kleiner Raum :Clasing- Gallery Etage, Münster

1999 Art Forum-Vilka Gallery, Thessaloniki 

2000 Tzamia Cristalla  Gallery, Chania

2001 Zoumboulakis Gallery, Athens |

Art Forum- Vilka Gallery, Thessaloniki 

2002 Agathi Gallery (Art Athina), Athens

2003 Agathi Gallery (Art Athina), Athens

2005 Athens Art Gallery, Athens |

Agathi Gallery (Art Athina), Athens 

2006 Art Forum Gallery, Thessaloniki 

2007 Athens Art Gallery, Athens

2008 Art Gallery, Alexanroupoli | 

Elementary school of Falatados, Tinos island

2009 TIF-Pavilion 6 (44th Dimitria), Thessaloniki 

2011 Apocalypse Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus

2012 Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens

2013 Astrolavos gallery, Athens